Hohner 270 'Super Chromonica' Chromatic Harmonica

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Key: C
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Ron Kenny
Hohner Harps

Been using them since 1940's, great instrument. One must learn to separate the "Hype" from "Reality", and learn to play one, not as a toy, but as a musical instrument. Remember engineering principles do NOT make harps perform...the artist does. I like the warm sound of the wood combs best. My first harmonica was Marine Band, wood comb, key of C harp. I've used other brands, and each is ok in their own right; but, I still prefer the Marine Band wood comb models.

Older models better

The wind saving valves are a good idea but leaves a little to be desired. After moisture gets in, the valve stick to the body and need more air pressure to pop it free so the note come out staccato ta" or "pa" instead of "la", and if you don't blow hard enough, you get nothing at all, just "phh"

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