Seydel NONSLIDER Chromatic DE LUXE STEEL Harmonica - Solo Tuning

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Key: Key of D
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Rune Vibegaard
Seydel's Nonslider Chromatic Deluxe Steel is a Great Instrument !

I ordered the G tuning. The Nonslider I received offers a well balanced beautiful
tone that has a clear shimmering quality. Not as warm as the brass reeds but
having it's own distinctive vibe; and also really good airtightness. The absence of wind
savers is a pleasant change; no warmup needed and no flapping sounds plus greater
bends and overblows are more available than on a slider. The sharp look and feel of this instrument is top grade; Polished stainless steel covers and an orange transparent
comb. I found the double hole system for the mouthpiece to be well thought out and
seems easy to adapt to. Not as agile as a slider but offering some distinct different advantages. I appreciated the information concerning this instrument that I requested
from The Music Stand harmonica division before I purchased, as well as the
prompt delivery that brought the Nonslider to my door.
Rune on Oct. 29, 2023

a chromatic simplified

I am an amateur musician interested in classical, theater and jazz.
I have a suzuki chromatix in C which is fine but being curious over Seydel's nonslider I ordered one in G. I prefer playing this. Dealing with valves is frustrating for me despite careful warming etc. The nonslider is air tight, good tone, easy to adapt to . I wish I had started with this chromatic. Great service from the music stand as usual

one of a kind

I have tried diatonic harmonicas in the past. The sound annoyed my wife! When I started playing the Seydel non-slider chromatic my wife said "that's what a harmonica is supposed to sound like!" I'm still learning, but I wish I had started with this and not the smaller diatonic harmonica. Yes it's an investment, but it's worth it. The construction is solid and makes my diatonic feel like a toy.
Also...couldn't find any in the United States. Shipping went without any problems.

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