Suzuki AW 'Airwave' Diatonic Harmonica

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Sheena OhUiginn
Great gift

Love these! I have gifted them to a few toddlers in my life and they are always a hit. Parents love how easily they can play little songs and teach their littles.

Alan Witkin
wanna hear a 2-year old on harp?

I play Blues Harps and Marine bands that I got in the 70's. I wanted to get her one of her own. First I got her a Fisher-Price. it was not a harmonica, it was a piece of plastic that did/t work at all.
Long and McQuade had a Suzuki Airwave. It's plastic too, but but it really plays. It seems sturdy and the sound Is decent.

The best part is that it's big and the holes are spaced out, so a kid can play it. I am having lot of fun Jamming with her.

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