Hohner 542 'Golden Melody' Diatonic Harmonica

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Key: C
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excellent player

excellent harmonica, out of the 9 harmonicas I own, this is my favorite, great sound, this is my second one, I played the reeds out of my other one....my favorite🤗

Decent harp

Fits great in the hand. The reed plates protrude a bit much for my liking so I filed them down. Brighter sound than a SP20.

Great Harp

The Golden melody is, for the money, the best all-round harp I've ever played. It may not please some straight blues guys (perhaps because of the perceived coldness of the even-tempered tuning), but if you're into versatility, this harp has it. Nice easy, warm, mellow tone, handles well, good for blues, country, folk, jazz.

One mellow sounding harp

The Golden Melody does everything well. It bends easily and has a nice mellow tone. It plays easily and has a nice feel in the hand and in the mouth.
About the only improvement would be to bring back a wood comb version (as an option). The plastic is stable and easy to keep clean.
You can't argue with the famous players who solely use the Golden Melody!

Golden Melody

I decided to restart playing the harmonica after a 25 year layoff. Since the early fall I have purchased a Special 20, Blues Session, Suzuki Promaster and now a Golden Melody. So far, I am most impressed with the Special 20, and Blues Session. I find the Promaster has a cold sound to it and the third hole draw was very stiff and even rattled a bit, a disappointment at 50 bucks. I love the tone of the Golden Melody, but it has a bit of a buzz in the 2nd hole draw when I bend down a hole step. In future I think I will stick with the Special 20s or Blues Session harps. If the Special 20s provided replacement reed plates I would buy a complete set of them.

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