Suzuki MR350 'Promaster' Diatonic Harmonica

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Key: C
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USA Maryland
Great Suzuki Promaster! (Keys A and C)

Everything is just great with The Music Stand Canada!
Being a first time customer, I am very impressed with my Promasters, reasonable prices and fast delivery service (within 3 days I received my Suzukis)...also ordered replacement reedplates for a Harpmaster.
I am a definite repeat customer.
Mr.Kaz..Thank you!

Great sound and projection

I find these to have a great tone and very good sound projection and require less air than other brands. I also have a couple of the valved one's and do not like them as well, as they seem to have a rattling sound. The heft of these make them feel very good and comfortable. I intend to purchase more and fill out my set!

Easy Going

Balanced well made harmonica.easy bends and over-blows. Good response and pickup.

J. Fox
very very satisfied

Warning, kind of long review - yeah, I know, I ramble a lot.

The "TL DR" version is that I'm very satisfied. I highly recommend the promaster, and this site/store. Now onto the rest...

The promaster is an excellent harmonica all the way around. A bit heavier than the Hohner Special 20's I've got because of the aluminium comb, but I like the extra weight/heft.

I won't go into too much detail about the promaster specifically but to say it's solidly built and it's a bit heavier than a lot of others like the Special 20, due to the aluminium comb. You can find product-comparison reviews all over the net, and a lot of it is subjective. I've never used a harp that gets near the $100 range, but I personally like the promasters better than any other I've ever played.

Mine arrived in perfect working order - All holes responsive, clear-sounding, and in tune on both the blow and draw, with no reed-rattle that you sometimes get from burrs where the plates were cut.

The price here was what made me choose this site over the big "A" site I've used before. It cost considerably less here, even after shipping.

Almost right after I placed the order, I remembered "oh yeah, there's another thing I had on a wish-list at that other site". Sure enough, it was cheaper here too, so I placed another order. I kicked myself a bit for not thinking of it earlier to combine the shipping, but the total was still lower so I wasn't too bothered.

Kaz from this site/store noticed I'd made two orders, and contacted me to ask if I wanted them shipped together to save about $6.00. That's the sort of service I haven't seen from any other online orders. Service like that (combined with the already better prices) is the what will make me check back here when looking at other stuff.

The only downside for me was that it did take a little over a week to get here, but that's because I'm in the U.S. and the package had to go through customs. It's not like that's something thise shop can control, though - I actually expected it to take longer because of going through U.S. customs. 2 weeks is pretty normal having stuff shipped here from Canada, and 3 weeks isn't all that uncommon. If you're ordering from inside Canada, then none of that would be an issue.

I suppose the increased shipping time would make a difference if I'd been having some sort of harmonica-emergency where I absolutely needed a B-flat promaster overnight and was willing to pay close to double, but I can't think of any circumstances where an urgent "harmonica-emergency" is realistic for me - and if I DID have such a "harmonica-emergency" I could pick one up at a local music-shop that would work in the meantime, even if it was a special-20 or something instead of the promaster.

I'll definitely be checking here for my next harp.

Robert Charles
Best Diatonic Made

Have 3 Promaster 350s and 12 Promaster 350 valved.I've found the Promasters to be the very best. Tight, durable, great sound and comfortable to play. Got best price at Musicians Web Store.

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